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HYDROTEK™ Waterproof Hardwood

Genuine hardwood flooring with engineered waterproof technology.

Hydrotek Waterproof Hardwood

Authentic hardwood perfect throughout the entire home.


Hydrotek combines the unique character of wood with engineered waterproof technology to deliver an unparalleled hardwood floor that’s fit for any room in the home.


Waterproof hardwood is a great concept, designed to be cost-efficient, pet and kid-friendly all while elevating the look of your home. But, you still might be wondering what is waterproof hardwood and what makes it waterproof?


Made from real, authentic hardwood, waterproof hardwood is the perfect waterproof floor for active households with an extra need for insurance against moisture. While long-term exposure to water on traditional solid hardwood can cause warping, bloating, and cracks in the floorboards, waterproof hardwood seals out moisture and prevents it from ever reaching the subfloors. This offers the flexibility of installing hardwood in high-traffic, potentially wet areas like your bathrooms, entryways, or kitchens. Designed to repel water indefinitely, waterproof hardwood flooring has an impenetrable layer made to keep water out.


While waterproof and water-resistant may sound similar, there is a big difference between waterproof wood floors and water-resistant flooring. Water-resistant flooring can only handle small spills that are dealt with quickly, but waterproof flooring can withstand bigger accidents like floods, as water cannot permeate its core. This cost-effective flooring solution will pay off quickly since you won’t have to worry about replacing your floors due to burst water pipes flooding.


Brand new waterproof hardwood floors can last a lifetime and Carpet One carries a beautiful selection of waterproof hardwood in various finishes and hues. There’s a waterproof hardwood product out there for any home no matter your design style.


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